Restorative Yoga and Myofascial Release, Sarahjoy Marsh

Sunday, 3/3  3:30-5:30pm

(Available with Full Festival Pass only until 2/15/13.)

Restorative Poses are considered restorative in nature because they are done with props to support the body, allow for time to immerse into the medicine of the poses, invite myofascial release, and calm the nervous and adrenal systems down. Restorative yoga increases the function of your immune, digestive and endocrine systems; and aids us in naturally deeper meditative states.  The restorative poses in this session will include standing poses, supported by a number of yoga props, as well as floor-based poses.  Myofascial release is a mind-body adventure.  Therefore, we will also be addressing how to teach the mind not to interrupt the body when it is undergoing profound transformation.  All levels. Please bring a mat and at least two yoga blocks and two blankets to this class.

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