Mindfulness-based Yoga and the Six Stations of the Mind, Sarahjoy Marsh

Saturday, 3/2  3:30-5:30pm

(Available with Full Festival Pass only until 2/15/13.)

The tradition of yoga is fundamentally concerned with awakening to consciousness. The Six Stations of the Mind are fundamentally NOT concerned with this.  In this regard, we live in a perpetual dilemma.  While humans have primal programming for a survival instinct, we also have primal programming to evolve.  Whether or not we simply survive or actively evolve is very much impacted by our mind.  This session will bring your directly into your ability to evolve out of the mayhem of the mind into the deep presence that has been waiting for you to come home to it.  In that deep presence, you will discover your courage, intuition, capacity, and wisdom.  Class will include both active/strong poses and restful, inward poses, as well as deliberate use of mindfulness tools through the sensory body.  You will leave with several tools to use to manage your mind in day to day life.  All levels.  Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.

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