Yoga to Energize Kapha: Enthuse Your Springtime Vitality

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Saturday at 8:30 am - 11:30 am

(Available in Full and Saturday Festival Pass or with a Partial Pass for $120)



Ayurveda and Yoga provide specific suggestions for energizing your kapha season to be its most vital, generative, creative, and sensuous. When Kapha is out of balance, however, we experience lethargy, stagnation, an urge for plans that we don’t follow through on, insights that don’t turn into action, and, eventually, a sense of heaviness. Join us to enthuse your springtime vitality so that you flourish this spring. We’ll practice poses that create dynamic, open, and stable hips, as well as backbends and beginning arm balances. Pranayama and meditation will be included.

Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.  Blankets are always helpful, if you have them.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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