Yoga 4 Girls, $15

Instructor - Kristen Rubis

Day & Time - Saturday at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to any pass.)

photoYoga 4 Girls Workshop offer girls, 8-16, an opportunity to chill out, relax, tune into their bodies and have fun too!

Yoga 4 Girls Workshop inspires, educates and empowers girls to deepen their unique character, cultivate self-confidence, develop core life skills and implement daily self-care through an innovative journey of self discovery and inner peace.

Workshop includes art projects, All About Me Collages, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, mantras, affirmations, wellness tips, self care tools, sound healing, dance, movement, self confidence skills, health lectures, and lots of fun!


Yoga 4 Girls!Yoga 4 Girls Workshop creates an opportunity for girls 8-16 years old to connect with their changing bodies, their newly felt emotions and new needs all while creating relationships with other girls going through similar experiences!

Sea Ranch Resort Sundance Event Lodge

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