Vata-Kapha Restorative Yoga Practices

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Sunday at 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

(Available in Full and Sunday Festival Pass.  Add to a Partial or Saturday Festival Pass for $80)


Navigating the Ayurvedic Transition from Vata to Kapha Season
Each year our reunion in Cannon Beach also coincides with the seasonal
transition from Vata to Kapha, from winter’s cold, windy, brittle, drying
season to spring’s moist, muddy, unctuous, juicy season. Vata runs the
risk of aggravation, causing mental anxiety, un-grounded-ness, insomnia,
constipation, joint pain, and nervous system disregulation. Kapha
presents the risks of lethargy, stagnation, heaviness, seasonal allergies,
edema, congestion, and can become the veritable “stick in the mud”. Yet
each of the doshas also offers the gifts and strengths of our life force. To
navigate vata wisely is to tap into your capacity for light-heartedness,
playfulness, inspiration, and insight. To surf kapha wisely is to tap into
your capacity for grounding, nurturing (self or others), generative-ness,
creativity, and awakening that which blooms in your life.

Vata-Kapha Restorative Yoga Practices
To bring your yoga weekend to a nourishing close, this restorative
practice will focus on calming the nervous system with gentle poses that
include hot water bottles, sand bags, blankets, blocks, and bolsters. We’ll
continue opening the heart to celebrate the Brahmaviharas. We’ll also use
longer holds on gentle supported twists to nudge your Spring (kapha)
digestion into action.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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