Awakening the Chakras with Sound Healing, $30

Instructor - Kristen Rubis

Day & Time - Saturday at 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


(This is an Optional Workshop, register with an A’la Carte Festival Pass or add it to any pass)


Join us for a deeply nourishing workshop of breath work, guided meditation, chakra balancing, intention setting and a soothing sound healing concert. Kristen holds sacred space & creates a relaxing sound bath with metal Tibetan bowls, crystal quartz singing bowls, bells, planetary chimes, tingshas, a rose quartz alchemy bowl, handheld crystal bowls and other soothing percussive instruments while lying on the spine or seated in a chair. The powerful resonance and vibration of the singing bowls and chimes offer a holistic affect and help you to re-connect with the body’s natural frequencies, encouraging balance and promoting inner harmony in your entire being.  No experience necessary.  Please bring anything that you need to be comfortable either on the floor or seated (mats, blankets, pillows, bolsters).



Kristen Rubis

The support and guidance that Kristen offers through Sacred Awakenings is founded in 17 years of study in the healing arts and in her own personal journey of wellness and inner peace.  Through yoga, therapeutic massage, labor support, reiki, birth advocacy, developmental movement therapies and sound healing her practice brings together a unique blend of services in the healing arts.  

Kristen’s yoga certification was achieved through Radiant Health Yoga in 2004 and she is registered through The Yoga Alliance.  She also has further training in developmental movement therapies through The HANDLE Institute and Brain Gym.  Kristen’s yoga classes provide an opportunity to create a union between body and breath that brings peace and contentment to the mind and spirit. Sound acutonics and aromatherapy accompany her classes, creating a more holistic experience.

Kristen graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2006 and has specialized training with Carole Osborne-Sheets in pregnancy, labor and postpartum massage. Sacred touch allows us to be present in our bodies and enables us to cultivate a sense of our breath and spirit.  Her massage practice helps clients to reach higher states of relaxation and wellness.   She provides a sanctuary for the senses, incorporating aromatherapy and sound acutonics during my massage sessions

Through her commitment to care giving, she bases her relationships on trust and unconditional love.  Bodywork and movement helps us to reconnect with our soul’s truth and empower self-healing as we journey through all life’s sacred awakenings.  Kristen continues to engage in educational opportunities to further her knowledge in the bodywork field.  This unique synthesis of the healing arts allows Kristen to offer a holistic experience whether you’re interested in an ongoing yoga practice, pregnancy support, or an individual massage session. Please visit her website for more information on all of her classes, workshops and services,

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