Re-wiring Your Bio-chemistry for Love

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Sunday at 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

(Available with Full Festival Pass or Sunday Festival Pass.  Add to a Partial Festival Pass for $80)

As humans we’re wired for survival reactions that include Fight-Flight-Freeze-and-Submit.  We promote these reactions through real and imagined, external and internal events.  Many of us are living in the catabolic bio-chemistry this creates.  Catabolic is the breakdown response in our body “eco-system.”  Yoga teaches us that we’re also wired for Love.  We can pro-actively generate the anabolic (build up and repair) bio-chemistry of love by exploring the hidden life skills of our fight-flight-freeze-submit reactions. Through asana and mental inquiry, we’ll ask the questions that shift us from catabolic to anabolic.  For example: What’s skillful in our fight response?  The life skill of Advocacy.  What’s useful about our inclination to take flight?  The ability to shift Perspective.  What do we learn from the freeze reaction? The art of Stillness.  What value is there in the submit reaction?  Wise Surrender.

We’ll use approaches to asana that teach you the valuable life skills associated with each of your fight-flight-freeze-submit reactions.  Exploring these skills in a directly embodied way integrates them into your body-mind-psyche and prepares you to have new go-to reactions under stress.

All levels. Please bring a mat and  two blankets to this class.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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