Opening Ceremony

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Day & Time - Friday at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Please join us for the Opening Ceremony of the 7th Annual Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.

Christen Allsop

It is open to the public, so please bring your companions, and join us!

We have a fun interactive event planned.  The Opening Ceremony will begin at 7pm with sound healer Kristen Rubis who will be playing her crystal bowls to set the tone and gather the welcoming energy of the festival. Star Weitman will welcome us and will introduce Christen Allsop, Festival Director and Founder of Cannon Beach Yoga Arts and the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.

A Teacher of Ancient Wisdom, Shelley Stump, and Founder and Shamanic Healer of Coyote Moon Healing Center in Tillamook will Open a Blessing Circle and light and offer the Global Peace Flame.  The Tsunami Drummers from Manzanita will help build the power and blessings for the festival weekend to anchor in the intentions and goodness to take with us into a transformative weekend in Cannon Beach.

Registration for the festival is open at the Yoga Lounge  in Cannon Beach Yoga Arts on Friday from 8am-5pm, and will be available prior to the  Opening Ceremony and at the end of the ceremony located at the Chamber of Commerce.


Shelley Stump

Shelley Stump is a Teacher of Ancient Wisdom, Shamanic Healer, and Peer Counselor on a lifelong spiritual journey to fulfill soul’s purpose. Shelley’s work focuses on sharing a vision of the connectedness and sanctity of all Life by supporting others in their direct experience of loving Spirit as principal and founder of Coyote Moon Healing Center in Tillamook. OR ( With Spirit’s guidance and support, Shelley created the Coyote Moon healing community where she teaches Earth-based spiritual practices including classes in shamanism as a path of direct revelation, shamanic journey practices, ceremonial drum and rattle making, ceremonial and other blessing rituals, and offers drumming and journey circles and seasonal celebrations.  Shelley also offers individual shamanic healing sessions using various ancient methods of spiritual healing such as soul retrieval, divination, extraction, healing with Spiritual Light, past life work, and peer counseling, to help individuals experience a transformative reclamation of their own power and vitality to support their personal healing journey. Shelley’s spirit-supported offerings come from her great joy and gratitude for Spirit’s guidance in her life.

Shelley is a retired attorney who spent much of her adult life “walking with feet in two worlds” – successfully navigating the challenging world of law, court administration, strategic planning, and non-profit organizational development while delving deep into the spiritual path of shamanism.  In seeking to fulfill her spiritual calling, Shelley studied for many years with Sandra Ingerman and others from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Shelley is included on Sandra Ingerman’s list of shamanic healing practitioners and teachers (see and is a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP).

Kristin Rubis

The support and guidance that Kristen Rubis offers is founded in over two decades of study in the healing arts as well as in her personal journey towards wellness and inner peace.

Through yoga, therapeutic massage, reiki, childbirth education, doula services and sound healing, Kristen’s practice brings together a unique blend of experience in the healing arts.  Her specialties include maternity massage, wellness care, sacred music and yoga for all stages of life.

The years Kristen spent learning about the wellness benefits of music have been channeled into “Sacred Sound Healing” her first professional recording.  She has been working with Sound Acutonics since 2004 and offering Sound Healing Workshops, Concerts, Classes and Events since 2009. Kristen continues to tour and travel throughout the year with her sacred music and yoga.

“Sacred music is becoming a bigger part of my path and a deeper part of my service. I listen with my hands and heart while I trust in the divinity of this sacred music. The mystery, magic, and medicine of the healing sound moves through me with deep grace. I am humbled and honored to share this ‘Sacred Sound Healing’ with the world.”


Star Weitman

Star Weitman, founder and Lead Consultant of StarConserve LLC has many credentials and interests.  StarConserve now focuses its core competencies in the sensitive areas of restoration of water and natural resources, by applying ancient principles of Geomancy and Earth energy wisdom to ensure site health and optimal energy flow.  In addition to her extensive construction experience, Star brings passion, integrity, and a diverse knowledge of Earth Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Environmental Feng Shui as a catalyst supporting individuals and groups on their personal healing journeys.

Bringing Balance, Harmony, and Health to People, Places and Spaces.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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