The Tripod of Transformation

Instructor - Sarahjoy Marsh

Day & Time - Saturday at 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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The second pada of the Yoga Sutras begins with Kriya Yoga: tapas, svadhyaya + isvari-pranidhana.  Discipline, self-study, and surrender are the three legs of the tripod of yoga.  When understood wisely, these three practices support us in creating self-nurturing discipline, awakening self-empathy, and discovering freedom.  When conditioned mind translates these teachings, however, we run the risk of further promoting the aspects of our human habits that cause rather than alleviate suffering: discipline becomes rigid or punitive; self-study becomes painful self-examination without gain; and surrender becomes apathy or resignation.  This workshop will walk you through the teachings of Kriya yoga from the most usable perspective of the psychology of yoga. You will leave with a new understanding of self-nurturing discipline as both stepping stone and reflecting pond: we must take the steps of discipline to further our journey in yoga and, when we commit to those steps, our experiences, including resistance, optimism, or trepidation, become the reflections for us as to where our deeper work lies.  Self-study carries us through these reflections with a heart of empathy and openness.  Freedom is experienced in releasing our grasp on who we thought we had to be or become, and through resting in the unfolding of yoga’s grace in us.

This workshop will begin with a discussion of Kriya Yoga and lead into asana, pranayama, and mindfulness practices.  Asana will include both dynamic and reflective poses.  The tools of asana will be used as the practice ground for the teachings. As such, you can expect to develop a relationship to asana as something very alive and conversational.  Come prepared for sun salutations, standing poses, twisting poses, and seated forward bends.

  All levels. Please bring a mat, 2 blocks and a strap.

Cannon Beach Chamber Hall

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