The 3 Most Important Questions in Life

Instructor - Brad Waites

Day & Time - Sunday at 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

(Available in Full and Sunday Festival Pass or with a Partial Pass for $80)



Asking the right questions on a daily basis is essential for personal transformation, and it helps you to find peace, power and purpose in life.  Come and learn the questions, as well as the major pitfall of seeking the answers (as most of us tend to do in the West).  You will also learn the fundamentals of Heartfull Meditation TM, a simple but profound practice that integrates the power of these essential questions into your daily life.  This workshop will create a very big change in a very short time, so don’t miss it.

Please bring a mat, block, blanket and anything else that you need to sit comfortably.  Chairs will be available.

Tolovana Inn

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