Chance to Win: L’Auberge de Sedona Getaway with Purchase of Full Festival Pass by 2/1/13!

Thanks to our Festival Partner, Rosenthal Financal Services, we have connected with the beautiful, luxury hotel in Sedona, Arizona – L’Auberge de Sedona!

They have generously given us a gift certificate for a two night stay in their Vista Suite, a four-course dinner for two at L’Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek, and two 60 minute spa treatments!! (Excludes Creekside Massage.  Includes Service Charge, Tax & Parking.)

A value of up to $2485.00!!

All Full Festival Pass Registrations purchased by 2/1/13 will be entered into a drawing to win this fabulous getaway!  Drawing will be held during the Saturday night Kirtan and Community Dance Party with Shantala at the Surfsand Resort.

The odds to win are awesome!  This is an intimate Yoga Festival – there are only 175 Full Festival Passes available for purchase.  So, not only are the odds for winning great.  But you personal experience at the festival, small workshops maybe no larger than your studio classes, and great Cannon Beach hospitality make this a winning combination!

Register Today!

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$100 off one Full Festival Pass when you stay 2 nights at the Surfsand Resort

Surfsand Resort

The oceanfront Surfsand Resort is just steps from Haystack Rock and has sweeping coastline views to the north and south.  And it is a host for the 3rd Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.  Onsite events include workshops, Morning Meditation, the Keynote Address and Community Dance Party, and the Closing Ceremony.  Be in the central hub of the weekend festivities.

Festival Lodging Rates:
Eye Level King Studio or Limited View King Room @$149.00/night*
Oceanfront King Room @$169.00/night*
Beachfront King Suite @$189.00/night

*Some Doubles are also available at these rates.

Two-Night Lodging Special:
Receive $100 off (1) Full Festival Pass with a 2-night room reservation for the first 15 rooms booked.**
**Please book lodging with the Surfsand Resort to receive your Discount Code for the Full Festival Pass.  Only one code per room reservation.  $100 Discount Code may be used in conjunction with the Early Bird Special for even more savings!

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Heather & Benjy Wertheimer – The Path of Kirtan, $30

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass.)

This workshop explores the ancient practices of singing, devotional chant, and rhythm. It is an immersion in the luminous ocean of music through voice, mantra, devotion, movement, and meditation. The Path of Kirtan creates a sacred space for safe and playful exploration in a group setting. Participants can then journey together to more clearly and deeply connect with the divine Presence.

View a Shantala Kirtan Video and a Shantala Chant Video.

Shantala at BhaktiFest 2012

You will enjoy this workshop if you wish to:
• open your voice more fully as a sacred instrument
• deepen your experience of chanting and devotion (bhakti yoga)
• playfully explore the body as a vehicle for rhythm
• create a joyful experience of music and spirit in community with others

Opening the voice includes a voyage through vocal practices from both Eastern and Western musical traditions. In many Eastern cultures, the practice of music is approached as a spiritual practice, as the yoga of sound, and that is how it is presented in this workshop. Rhythm is explored through heart-opening rhythmic body movements, experiencing the body as a sacred instrument. From this foundation, the chanting of sacred names and mantras flow with new depth and new freedom. The weekend workshops include time to be silent in meditation, to share personal experiences from bhakti practice, and to build a sense of spiritual community through the combined fruits of all of these practices.

This workshop is offered with the intention of cultivating more beauty and more love inside ourselves, in our communities, and throughout our world. It is our prayer that the offerings of this workshop will help each one of us to give ourselves more fully to realizing this vision. May all beings live in peace, joy, and freedom!

Shantala at Pranafest 2012

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Uma Kleppinger & Kendall Hassemer, ND – Sacred Fire: A Vinyasa Flow Practice and Intention Setting Ceremony, $30

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass)

Join Uma Kleppinger and Kendall Hassemer as we celebrate the confluence of teachers, traditions, and practices coming together in the spirit of tapas—the alchemistry of transformation through yoga.  Following a brief guided meditation to set our intentions for the weekend, we will move through a dynamic, invigorating vinyasa practice to dissolve the barriers that stand in the way of all the goodness we wish to achieve—and receive—in our lives.  The class will be accompanied by a lively soundtrack, then ease into a quiet, contemplative closing sequence of yin yoga, infused with the timeless teachings of Rumi, Hafiz, Lao Tzu and other Eastern sages and wisdom teachers.  The practice will conclude with a candle lighting ceremony to ignite the darkness and carry us into the weekend of light, laughter and the love of yoga!

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iRest® Yoga Nidra, Kelly Ponzi

Sunday, 3/3  1:00 -2:30pm, $30 at Hallmark Resort

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass)

Integrative Restoration, iRest® yoga nidra, is an ancient yogic practice expertly adapted by Richard Miller, PH.D, to de-stress the western practitioner.  In this workshop, Kelly will explain iRest® and its 10 step protocol, the historical context relating to yoga, and how it can assist in your well-being in our modern world.  You will then be led through a guided meditation that is done sitting or lying down.  In a deep state of relaxation, it is possible to work through negative thoughts, beliefs and even deep traumas that compromise expressing the whole and healthy self.  You will come away from iRest® empowered with a deeper connection to true self.

Kelly Ponzi

Clinical studies with veterans have proven the positive effects of iRest® in alleviating post-traumatic stress symptoms. These studies were so effective that iRest® is approved by the Veteran’s Administration as treatment for P.T.S.D.


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Lecture: Ayurvedic Detox Tips for the Spring (Kapha) Season, Ann Wagoner

Sunday, 3/3 1:30 -3:00pm $30 at Surfsand Resort

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass.)

According to Ayurveda, the 10 days just before and after the Spring Equinox (March 20th), is the best time of year to change your seasonal routines (Ritucharya) and plan some detoxification (Panchakarma). Learn how to move stuck Kapha Dosha in the Spring. Undigested food (Ama) accumulates through the year, and can lead to inflammation, excess mucus, joint swelling, low energy and disease. By moving wastes and toxins (both physical and mental) out of the body, harmony and balance can be achieved.

In this Ayurvedic practicum, delve further into how one’s constitution (Dosha) is composed of the five elements and various qualities (Gunas). Find balance appropriate for you in the spring. Gain an understanding of the importance of purification from toxins and an overview of Ayurvedic cleansing (Panchakarma) techniques. Learn how to balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the spring. And then discover foods, spices and herbs most beneficial during and after cleansing.

Yoga postures (Asana) can also help us cleanse deeply rooted obstacles (Kleshas). Learn the theory of tri-doshic yoga postures and Asana that are especially beneficial for the Spring (Kapha) season. These postures also benefit thyroid, respiratory and urinary health. We will also review some of the basics of color therapy for the spring. All Levels. Bring a mat and what you need to sit comfortably on the floor. (Basic understanding of the three Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, is recommended.)

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Lecture: Introduction to Ayurveda and the Three Doshas, Ann Wagoner

Saturday, 3/2 1:30 -3:00pm $30 at Surfsand Resort

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass.)

Learn the secrets of this ancient healing system from India that parallels Yoga. This science of life can help you balance mind, body and consciousness, so you are healthy, blissful and full of vital energy. Discover how your constitution (Dosha) can be harmonized with the macro-system. Choose the best foods, regular routines and lifestyle tips that will cultivate health.

In this workshop, you will learn and discuss the Ayurvedic system and the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You will find out how to balance the Doshas with the time of day, time of year and years of life. Discover diet, nutrition, yoga and breathing tips that can keep you in your best health.

While allopathic medicine often describes health as the absence of disease, Ayurveda describes perfect health as so much more. Health is balancing the Doshas, healthy physical tissues, proper digestion and elimination, and a blissful mind and spirit. By cultivating real health, we can fulfill our true purpose in life. (No prior experience with Ayurveda needed.)

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Imagination Yoga® for Teachers & Parents, Jamie Hopkins & Jessica McClinic

Sunday, 3/3  12:30 -3:00pm, $50 at Cannon Beach Elementary School

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass.)

Imagination Yoga is a platform to inspire change in the lives of our children.  This workshop is perfect for Parents, Teachers and Yogi’s alike. Watch and/or participate in the kid’s class and then learn how to lead an Imagination Yoga Adventure. You will learn 10 Imagination Yoga poses (appropriate for children ages 2-12), one Imagination Yoga Adventure and lots of creative ways to teach children about compassion, concentration, relaxation and breath.  The class will review the NASPE recommendations for physical activity for this age group, as well as, the physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language benefits of Imagination Yoga.  You will leave this workshop inspired, energized and full of new ideas. Training qualifies for Oregon Registry credit (Learning Environments and Curriculum).  Please bring your yoga mat, a pad and paper, and anything that you need to sit comfortably on the floor.  Chairs will be available, as well.

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Imagination Yoga® for Kids, Jamie Hopkins & Jessica McClintic

Sunday, 3/3  12:30 -1:00pm, Free w/ $6 registration fee at Cannon Beach Elementary School

(This is an Optional Workshop, register with a Partial Festival Pass or add it to a Full Festival Pass.)

An Imagination Yoga® Teacher will take your child on a grand adventure, as they imagine Yoga in the Jungle! Introduce your active child to the benefits of yoga as they build strength, balance and concentration in this fun and imaginative class.

Appropriate for children ages 3-12. Free with the $6.00 registration fee. Parents or guardians welcome and encouraged to stay, especially for the young one.  Please bring a yoga mat for you and your child.

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Purna Yoga™ Nidra, Aadil Palkhivala

Sunday, 3/3  3:30-5:30pm

(Available with Full Festival Pass only until 2/15/13.)

The mind, body and emotions are most effectively brought to rest in the still depths of consciousness when Shavasana is done progressively and systematically.  Purna Yoga™ Nidra is unique among all the Yoga Nidras in that you focus on and create powerful internal connections to Spirit to help manifest your dreams.  Mostly shavasana.  All Levels (if you have a cough or a cold please do not attend this workshop because any movement will disturb others).  Please bring one soft pillow, one mat and three blankets.

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